Homes For The Homeless


“HOMES FOR THE HOMELESS” is a key strategic alliance. The first “HOMES FOR THE HOMELESS” outreach was in 1993 to the “squatter areas” of Mexico’s border town, Reynosa. To date over 2000 homes have been built and thousands of team members’ lives have been seriously impacted. For those seeing the landscape for the first time, it is a sight of unimaginable deprivation. Families, who have nowhere to go, settle on a dusty piece of land previously used as a trash dump.

They make do with what they can find, forming tiny dwellings out of scrap boards, pallets, cardboard, tin and pieces of plastic. Very recently water has arrived and electricity is pirated. Hope has no borders. We are able to organize and coordinate teams from the United States to build a home for a family in desperate need. This outreach is “hands on” although construction skills are not necessary.

Local pastors choose the families who receive the home. The team has the privilege of meeting the spiritual and physical needs for their chosen family. The home is simply a key the Lord uses to turn the hearts of the family toward Him. Love also has no borders. As we reach beyond ourselves our lives are changed. Teams return home having received much more than they have given. They will never be forgotten by the family for whom they built. The story of “HOMES FOR THE HOMELESS” is setting foundations, building walls, lending a hand, supporting dreams, solidifying friendships and ultimately giving and receiving joy!