How Secure Is Giving Online


We selected to process our online donations.  Our selection criteria included:


We wanted a service that uses the most current, industry standards for processing electronic transactions.  Easy Tithe provides:

  • SSL encryption of all data transmitted over the internet using two separate RSA* keys, 1 remotely and 1 locally.
  • Database level encryption of sensitive information.
  • Daily security scans of their system.


We wanted a well established company that focused on online donations for ministries. Easy Tithe’s profile:

  • Entering its 7th year.
  • Over 500 churches and non profit organizations.


We wanted the right amount of features.  Easy Tithe allows you to:

  • Donate via a credit card or checking account.
  • Establish a schedule of automatic online donations.
  • Designate what fund / funds you want to donate to.
  • See online what you have donated via Easy Tithe.

* – RSA Is the industry standard for encrypting Internet communication.

Wikipedia RSA Article


From the EasyTithe website:

PCI DSS Compliance & Security

As required by the PCI Security Council and all processing banks, Easy Tithe is fully PCI DSS Compliant (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards). This means Easy Tithe conforms to the highest set of security standards in the payment card industry. Your account managers, end users, and Easy Tithe employees will never have access to the type of sensitive information that might lead to an unauthorized transaction.

Intrusion Detection

On top of PCI Compliance, Easy Tithe also maintains the prestigious certification of “McAfee Secure” noted by the seal on the left. Where PCI Compliance requires our system to be scanned for vulnerabilities quarterly, McAfee scans our system every day. In short, Easy Tithe has contracted an Independent Qualified Security Assessor, McAfee, Inc., to attempt to break in, every day. Not only does this allow Easy Tithe to adhere to the strictest security standards, it allows Easy Tithe to stay ahead of new hacker techniques and system vulnerabilities.

SLL Transaction Security

Easy Tithe uses 128 Bit SSL technology for data transactions. All personal, credit card, & bank information is submitted using 128 bit encryption. There is no stronger form of protection than this encryption and by doing this, we eliminate the possibility that someone might “tap” the line and extract your personal data from it. 128-bit SSL encryption has never been broken and according to RSL Labs, it would take a “trillion-trillion years” to crack the code using today’s technology.

The Datacenter

Our datacenter upholds security measures to rigorous standards. Proximity card entry, camera-recorded server room access, and a perimeter security system all protect the datacenter facilities. These security components ensure only employed certified Server Engineers have direct access to the datacenter and individual servers. This restricted access ensures maximum security when maintaining, upgrading, and troubleshooting servers in the racks.

Easy Tithe Offices

Though the security threat level at our offices is low, we have once again gone above and beyond normal measures to ensure security on our premises. Cameras are located throughout the building and office areas, and access control is maintained both by cutting edge biometric finger print scanning devices, and key fobs. Our facilities are monitored 24 hours a day by digital video recording devices.