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She Ministries

No matter your status: married, single, widowed, or your age: Gen X, Millennial, or Baby Boomer, we have a place for you. We know women have been created by God to serve, care and have fellowship; so we have designed special places for you in She Ministries. Our ministry is designed for women to unite together as one, grow stronger in Christ, and be a light for Jesus in their homes, our church, communities and the world.

How do I get involved?

IF Table:  If you’re looking for a small group atmosphere where you can connect and grow, we have IF Tables for every kind of woman. Our IF Tables meet once a month in a comfy space to share a meal and fellowship surrounded around faith, our walk with God and prayer.

Campus Events:  If you’d rather start out with something at our campus where you can be encouraged and equipped, we host events for all of our ladies every other month.  Our large events are centered on fellowship, growth in Christ, worship, fun, food and even ideas to create a wonderful home atmosphere.

Conference Weekend: Once a year we host an event for our women to hear nationally known speakers, small group time, and be challenged in their faith walk.

Mentoring: We also have one-on-one mentoring, where you’ll be encouraged whether you’re a mentor or being mentored. Discipling is the focus of our mentoring ministry, to develop a daily walk with Christ. 

So wherever you are in your walk with God or in life, we have a place for you to plug in through She Ministries!  Find out information about our events and IF Tables on our Facebook page: She Ministries.

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